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Cha-Ching, developed by the Prudence Foundation,
is a financial literacy program designed for children aged 7–12 years old. Through a collaborative effort between Prudential Thailand and Junior Achievement Thailand, this program has been actively empowering young minds in Thailand since 2018.

The Cha-Ching Program is dedicated to nurturing financial literacy among children aged 7–12 years.
Its primary objective is to empower young learners with essential knowledge, a deep understanding, and practical skills related to four fundamental financial concepts:
Earn, Save, Spend, and Donate.
Developed by experts in children’s education, the program incorporates various elements tailored to meet children’s learning needs.
These include engaging music videos, interactive online games, and other resources carefully designed to align with the age group’s developmental stage.


As of December 2023, the Cha-Ching Program has successfully imparted financial literacy knowledge to a total of 5,164 teachers and 234,292 school kids in Thailand.

(Information updated as of December 2023)

4 key concepts of money

Money doesn't grow on trees: you have to earn it. And if you want to save, spend or donate money, you have to make it first.
Saving is an important habit to achieve both short and long term goals; as well as saving for emergencies!
Spending is top of mind for kids when quizzed on money, but it's importnat to separate needs from wants.
The concept of donating is important in supporting our communities. Encourage kids to donate their time, belongings or money to those less fortunate.

Cha-Ching is built around several elements that respond to children’s learning needs:

  • A series of three-minute music videos on Cartoon Network and Free to Air TV.

  • A website with games and applications that engage children in real-life money management scenarios to reinforce the learnings derived from the music videos

  • Online resources and at-home activities that teachers and parents can work through with children

  • YouTube playlist to provide additional platforms to access music videos anytime anywhere

  • A Facebook page to encourage interaction and discussion on the social media space

Cha-Ching Money Adventures wins two Anthem Awards

Cha-Ching Money Adventures wins two Anthem Awards

Prudence Foundation is delighted to receive two awards for its web-based interactive learning game, Cha-Ching Money Adventures (CCMA), at the 2nd Anthem Awards.
  • Silver award in the category: Education, Art & Culture - Special Projects
  • Silver award in the category: Education, Art & Culture - Digital & Innovative Experiences

Cha-Ching Activities