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Prudential offers special health services to help you acces the treatments and medical services that can support you and your family in staying healthy
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We are committed to helping you stay healthy with our special health services, which include Pulse application, PRUTelemed online doctor, and a variety of other health services to keep you healthy and help you get the most out of life.



A full-service application that allows you to live healthier and wealthier with our personal assistant to manage your health, wealth and insurance policy. Everything can be done easily via Pulse application.
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PRUTelemed, see a doctor online

PRUTelemed, see a doctor online

Telemedicine service for Prudential customers that comes with cashless claims* and medicine delivery to your home, with MorDee application as a service provider *For policies with OPD coverage Terms and conditions are as specified by the Company.
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Other Health Services