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Health Services


Telemedicine service by MorDee application for Prudential customers with cashless claims* and medicine delivery to your home. *For policies with OPD coverage. Terms and conditions are as specified by the Company.

PRUTelemed facilitates your easy access to medical services.

Easily see a doctor anywhere without wasting time in the hospital.
Convenient with home medication delivery
Cashless claims exclusive for Prudential customers who have OPD coverage.
Find a doctor in 8 specialties

12 steps to use PRUTelemed
by MorDee application




About MorDee


Telemedicie service

Privilege for Prudential customers to consult doctors or medical specialists online,
with no need to go to the hospital, plus medicine delivery service to your home, through MorDee application.

  • Consultation service hours 07.00-23.00 hrs.

  • Medicine Delivery within 1-3 working days*

Health insurance and Group insurance customers can check for their medical claims benefits or ask for more information via LINE Mordee before starting to use the service in order to get a Code for cashless claims.**

* Terms and conditions of the medicine delivery service are subject to the service provided through MorDee app.

In which category of doctor consultation can I make a claim?
  1. Common diseases

  2. Internal medicine

  3. Ear, Nose, and Throat

  4. Women's health

  5. Office syndrome

  6. Bone and Joint

  7. Eyes

  8. Skin (excluding for cosmetic purposes)

Or choose a doctor with the Prudential logo.

How can MorDee users make a claim?

For Prudential customers who have health insurance or group insurance and would like to make a claim for outpatient medical expenses (OPD) when using the online doctor consultation service via the MorDee app

You can check your claim eligibility* and choose from two ways to make a claim, as follows:

  1. Before receiving the service (Check your coverage benefit; there is no need to pay in advance.)
  2. After receiving the service, make an online claim via PRUConnect on the LINE official account @PrudentialThailand.

* The coverage benefit is subject to your insurance plan specified in the insurance policy.


Prudential customers can access first-rate health insurance service and solutions through PRUConnect.





Start taking care of your health for your loved ones today with MorDee application,


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please contact LINE Official Account @PrudentialThailand
and select "Online Doctor Consultation", then select the menu "Inquiry"