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Listening. Understanding. Delivering. Our focus is on you. That's why we do what we do to help you progress in life.
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Our pride in Prudence

Prudential listens to and understands the hopes and dreams of millions of customers around the world. This philosophy is central to our ability to listen and understand others and hence allowing us to meet the needs of the people. Our Prudence logo embodies this philosophy. Gazing in her mirror, she sees the world and herself as they really are. She is also a reminder that, in our increasingly faceless world, we are a company with a personality and a heart.
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Prudential group around the world

Founded in London in 1848, for over 170 years, serving 20+ million customers worldwide with operations spanning Asia, the US and Africa, Prudential is listed on the stock exchanges of London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.
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Prudential Africa
Prudential Africa operates in Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, Uganda and Zambia with a core mission of providing services that meet the evolving financial and protection needs of African families.
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Jackson National Life
Jackson National Life, provides carefully tailored retirement products aimed at the 78 million ‘baby boomers’ in the United States, drawing on 50 years of accumulated experience.

Prudential Corporation Asia

Prudential has a rich and extensive history in Asia, having built a high performing business over 95+ years, covering 15 markets with significant scale in Asia.

 A diversified multi-channel distribution platform serving 16 million+ customers.

  • Top 3 position in nine Asian markets

  • 600,000+ agents

  • Access to over 20,000 bank branches

  • Comprehensive range of savings, protection and health products

Visit us at www.prudentialcorporation-asia.com

Prudential Life Assurance in Thailand

Prudential enters Thailand in 1995, and has become one of the leading life insurance providers for Thai families. The Company focuses on multi-channel distribution strategy. Our current distribution channels consist of Bancassurance, Agency, Direct/ Tele marketing and alternative channel including Group insurance.

  • 936 Employees

  • Business Opportunities generated through 1,878 Agents

  • Business opportunities generated through the 2 business bancassurance partnerships, 598 branches.

  • Protecting Thai Families of 1.9 million policy holders.

  • Investment in the Country THB 109.1 billion

  • Total Asset THB 110.8 billion AUM

  • Total benefits paid THB 10.4 billion.


Remark: Information as of 31 December 2020