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Prudential Thailand sparks conversations on healthy living and annual checkups

Prudential launches brand campaign ‘Year End Health Review’ to promote its health solutions including access to medical advice & health privileges

Bangkok, 3 November 2022, Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited (Prudential Thailand) is supporting every family to help them live healthier lives with the launch of its 'Year End Health Review Campaign'. The campaign encourages Thai people to get annual checkups and candidly discuss health issues with their family and loved ones. The company is partnering with Thailand’s leading hospitals to provide exclusive offers to all Prudential customers such as special vaccinations deals, discounts on cancer screenings, and health checkups.

Mr. Robin Spencer, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Thailand, said, “We are using our 'Year End Health Review Campaign' to encourage Thai people to have regular health checkups.  We want to promote health conversations among friends and family by collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Health Bloggers. According to recent survey results[1], the majority of Thais are adopting healthier lifestyles and becoming more health-conscious as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a great trend that we want to build upon. Health allows us to enjoy life to the full and also allows us to better take care of our family and loved ones. Prudential is dedicated to helping all Thai people get the most out of life, by providing a variety of insurance plans that are accessible, affordable, and inclusive.”

“In this campaign, Prudential is partnering with leading hospital partners such as Phyathai 1 Hospital and Bumrungrad Hospital to provide exclusive offers to Prudential customers. These include discounts on cancer screenings, vaccinations, and health checkups, as Prudential wants to support our customers to prevent and/or postpone any ailment. The company is also offering a range of wellbeing benefits including discounts on restaurants, wellness, and spa treatments for our customers.” Robin added.

Prudential Thailand is also launching the "PRUNO Worries Diabetes" insurance plan, which offers coverage specifically for people with diabetes, to reinforce our commitment in designing inclusive insurance plans that are accessible to diverse groups of people.  There are over 4 million[2] diabetes patients in Thailand, with only 2.6 million of them receiving treatment. The health insurance plan "PRUNO Worries Diabetes" is designed to provide   access to medical care, treatment coverage for health complications from diabetes, benefits for death, critical illness coverage, and cancer, up until the age of 70.

Prudential also offers two more health insurance plans as part of this campaign. The first is 'PRUHealthy Plus’, which covers medical expenses up to age 80, health insurance premiums that do not increase over time, and fixed annual pay until the age of 60. The second is 'PRUHealthcare Plus', which lets customers customise their health coverage portfolio to include life insurance, inpatient and outpatient accident coverage, and cancer coverage in the form of 'Jer Jai Job' or 'Found, Paid, End’ policy. Both of these insurance plans are available for purchase online and don't require a medical exam.
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Moreover, Prudential also serves and safeguards Thai people of all ages with health assistance through the 'Pulse By Prudential' app, which is powered by artificial intelligence technology to help customers assess their own health more accurately. Users can evaluate their own symptoms and analyse future disease risks through online health tools like the HealthCheck, Symptom Checker, Body Mass Index (BMI), FemHealth Cycle Tracker, (which tracks women's menstrual cycle to plan for fertility), or Mood Tracker (which helps monitor emotional states and mental health). Another key feature is the online ‘Teleconsultation' feature which allows customers to consult with a panel of certified medical professionals from the comfort of their homes. All these features in the application   highlight Prudential’s continued efforts to develop services that address health and wellbeing holistically, going well beyond basic protection.

Prudential Thailand hopes its 'Year End Health Review Campaign’, provides fresh perspective to all on the importance of maintaining physical and mental health of customers and their loved ones.  For more information, please visit


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