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Prudential Thailand x Garmin x Qumata First-ever Collaboration to Upgrade Personal Digital Healthcare
Aims to provide new customer experience with technological aid for better personal health maintenance and assessment

    [Bangkok, 14-12-22] Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited (PLT) joins with Garmin, a leading global provider of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and digital health solutions, and Qumata, a leader in data driven algorithms, to launch the world’s first personal digital healthcare collaboration of three leading brands sharing the same goal: to improve people’s health and wellbeing. This unique collaboration with Garmin and Qumata unlocks customers’ access to effective and affordable health monitoring and assessment by providing personal digital health assessment tools that bridge individuals’ health data from Garmin smartwatch and efficient health insurance plans to match the customers’ health-related needs with the right ways to help.

Ms. Pasalaree Theerasas, Chief Customer and Transformation Officer, of Prudential Thailand, said “This is a marvelous opportunity to come together with Garmin and Qumata and create this one-of-a-kind collaboration that helps Thai people get the most out of lives. In this time, people have become increasingly aware of the need to manage risk factors associated with COVID-19 and continue to take measures to protect themselves and others around them. According to a recent study titled 'The Pulse of Asia – The Health of Asia Barometer', more than 88% of Thai people are using digital technologies to help manage their personal health during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This collaboration builds the potential to build new customer experience through the application of digital technologies.”

Ms. Hunsa Apanukul, Marketing Team Lead of Garmin Thailand, said “Garmin places a strong emphasis on not just GPS tracking and fitness technologies but also health monitoring. We realize the severity of COVID-19 in Thailand as the number of infected patients start to increase again. This collaboration allows Qumata to use the Garmin Health API to continuously collect customers health data. With the long battery life of Garmin smartwatches, individual users’ health data can be monitored 24/7 so they can get a better overall picture of what’s going on with their bodies.”

Supporting on the process mentioned, Qumata brings the results of health data that monitor through Garmin smartwatches, together with the results of the test analysis to be sent to Prudential. With such information, Prudential Thailand will then select health protection products that understand and resonate with customers the most. (As the privacy of customers' personal data is prioritized, the personal data that will be utilized in the digital health assessment will be approved by customer consent, in accordance with the personal data protection act.)

Mr. Luca Schnettler, Chief Executive Officer of Qumata Group, said “The collaboration with Prudential and Garmin Thailand is an exciting step to bring data driven health closer to reality. We are excited to work with both parties in a collaborative way, helping Thai people to harness the power of data and be aware of their health circumstances.

         To kick-start this project from Garmin and PLT, Garmin users can access the digital health collaboration campaign through social media channels and engage in the PLT’s campaign website ( ). You can also join activities and challenges to check your fitness to win a chance for 50 prizes of the popular Garmin watch model, Garmin Venu SQ, worth more than 424,500 baht by testing the Covid-19 resistance score and sharing tips on how to keep your body healthy and fit, which starts from 15 December 2022 – 23 March 2023. For more information, please visit

Remark: Garmin devices are not designed or intended to monitor or diagnose diseases or any medical conditions. Find information on metric accuracy here.