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Prudential Thailand Launches
'Empowering Life Together' Marketing Campaign,

Empowering Modern Society with Inspiration and Support Across All Aspects of Life

Bangkok, 26 July 2023 – Prudential Thailand understands the changes within modern families, that encompass unique diversity and individuality. These families, whether nuclear, extended, single-parent, or same-sex partners, face multifaceted challenges in today's society. Referred to as 'The Baek,' they bear and shoulder responsibilities in all aspects of life, be it financial, health, work duties, and family care, making it difficult for them to live life fully on their own terms.

In response, Prudential Thailand has launched its ‘Empowering Life Together’ marketing campaign to support and care for families, providing inspiration and encouragement to all ‘The Baek’ individuals. The campaign emphasises the shared responsibility within families, highlighting that no one should bear everything alone, believing that being there for one another is a crucial source of vitality and motivation. Prudential Thailand is committed to supporting and caring for all family relationships.

According to an online survey conducted among 'The Baek' respondents, the results reveal their greatest concerns revolve around being the main pillar of the family, shouldering the responsibility for the family's well-being (30.17%). Closely following are concerns about not fully enjoying life due to financial unpreparedness (21.23%), carrying debt burdens (15.64%), and striving to grow in their careers (12.29%). These figures reflect the significant responsibilities and pressures faced by this group.

Mr. Bundit (Kenny) Jiamanukoonkit, CEO of Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited or “Prudential Thailand”, said, "Prudential Thailand is aware of and understands the multifaceted challenges faced by 'The Baek,' whether from society or family. As Thailand progresses into an older society, these challenges will escalate. Therefore, the launch of the marketing campaign ‘Empowering Life Together' aims to provide a new perspective on modern family dynamics, with the belief that the power of family support and unity empowers all 'The Baek' individuals to find inspiration and live life on their terms. Prudential Thailand is committed to standing by and providing solutions for every stage of life, including life insurance plans for peace of mind , savings and investment plans for a secure long-term future, and health insurance plans for when we are unwell. We want to make insurance accessible and easy for everyone, ensuring that everyone can live a confident and worry-free life.

“From the past to the present, Prudential has remained steadfast and ready to assist people of all generations. We empathise with and understand the role of family leaders who must bear various burdens to ensure the happiness of every member throughout the 175 years since Prudential's establishment. We have helped people all over the world, such as being one of the first companies in London to hire female workers, paying out a total of £5,000,000 in life insurance claims for English soldiers who lost their lives during World War I - covering approximately one-third of all such claims and introducing the 'Everywoman Policy' product to encourage savings among female customers since 1922," Mr. Bundit emphasised.

In an ever-changing world, particularly in the digital age where family structures have evolved into modern families, embracing greater diversity, Prudential Thailand is committed to spreading inspiration to every family. Building upon the success of last year's marketing campaign, "Made For Every Family," Prudential Thailand continues to inspire all families this year with their new marketing campaign, "Empowering Life Together." This campaign reaffirms Prudential's unwavering belief in standing by the Thai people and supporting everyone on their journey to get the most out of life.

The campaign is brought to life by a compelling short film directed by the renowned filmmaker, Nawapol (Ter) Thamrongrattanarit. It transcends the traditional concept of 'The Baek' to portray family members who genuinely care for and support one another, forming an unseen, behind-the-scenes team that uplifts the family's main pillar. They become a source of vitality and motivation, propelling 'The Baek' forward as each member embraces their role with unwavering dedication, all united in their pursuit of a fulfilling life together.

Prudential Thailand hopes that the ‘Empowering Life Together’ marketing campaign will broaden perspectives, emphasising the importance of family togetherness. By facilitating strategic life planning and fostering a stronger foundation, Prudential aims to empower every family member to live life to the fullest. For more information,

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