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Prudential Thailand Joins Hands with AIS Insurance Service to launch "PRUHealthy Plus" with Special Privilege

Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit with the Increase in Value and Coverage for Health Insurance Until the Age of 80

Prudential Thailand has collaborated with AIS Insurance Service to launch the PRUHealthy Plus life and health insurance plan, with expanded coverage and enhanced values. This all-in-one package offers a long-term coverage until the age of 80 with level premiums throughout the contract and cashbacks paid in full even with a claim.

Khun Itt Apiraktivong, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer of Prudential Thailand said that “Prudential Thailand is committed to developing inclusive life and health insurance products with an understanding of the differences in customers’ needs in each age group as well as developing sales channels that are convenient and accessible to all customers. With the mission to help Thai people get the most out of life, we have joined hands with AIS, a digital innovation leader alliance dedicated to continuously improving the quality of life of Thai people. Now, we are ready to launch “PRUHealthy Plus” -- an insurance plan that combines both life and health insurance coverage in one package, to deliver health care that is accessible to customers, covering all needs in all stages of life”

“We collaborated with AIS Insurance Service to expand our marketing channels to cover all groups of consumers of all ages. The target group of the PRUHealthy Plus insurance plan is a group of working people looking for life insurance that fits into their lifestyle. Most of them prefer convenient, straightforward, and complete coverage for both life insurance and health insurance in one package, as well as receiving cashbacks during the policy period. This is a product that satisfies customers’ needs with outstanding coverage, which is similar to receiving health insurance coverage without having to pay additional insurance premiums, and also stands out for its value because customers will still receive fully cash return at the end of policy year even if there is a claim. Therefore, PRUHealthy Plus is considered a competitive life and health insurance plan in the market compared to other types of health insurance because if customers purchase this plan at a young age, the value will increase as the premiums remain constant over the course of the contract even as they get older.” Khun Itt added.

Khun Rapeepan Naewboonnien, Head of Insurance and Lending Service Section of AIS, said that “AIS Insurance Service's intention is to collaborate with a partner who specializes in the insurance industry. With us as a channel for customers to choose insurance services that are convenient, safe, and diverse through myAIS as a One Stop Service, the collaboration with Prudential Thailand and the "PRUHealthy Plus" life and health insurance is considered another important step, which reflects our commitment to creating a digital experience that we believe will meet the needs of the new generation of working people who care about health.”.

The distinct features of "PRUHealthy Plus" life and health insurance are that it covers death in all cases up to 1,000,000 baht, medical reimbursement in case of hospitalization up to 1,000,000 baht (according to the selected plan) and long-term coverage until the age of 80 years old, for both the main life insurance contract and the supplementary health rider. The plan also offers a level premium rate throughout the policy period even when the age increases. In the event that hospitalization claims have been made in full, policyholders still get continuous coverage for loss of life from all causes until the age of 80.

In addition, customers are entitled to cashbacks in two periods: 20% of the sum insured at the age of 60 and 80% of the sum insured at the age of 80, as well as a tax deduction privilege for both life insurance premiums and health insurance premiums, subject to the RevenuChannel Performancee Department's terms and conditions. Customers can also choose to pay premiums annually or monthly. Furthermore, especially for customers who purchase the PRUHealthy Plus insurance plan, they will get 2 special privileges including, a Starbucks e-Voucher worth 500 baht, 500 AIS points for AIS customers, and 600 points for Serenade customers from February 15 – April 15, 2023 (conditions are as specified by the company). For more information, please visit myAIS application and website: หมดกังวลเรื่องค่าใช้จ่ายด้านสุขภาพเมื่ออายุมากขึ้น (