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Prudential Thailand launches “Hi, I’m PRU” Brand Campaign

BANGKOK, THAILAND, 22 December 2020 – Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“Prudential Thailand”) is celebrating its 25th anniversary by launching an integrated brand campaign which aims to build stronger connections with Thai people using a new, friendly look.

The new brand campaign, named ‘Hi, I’m Pru’, is based on the Thai custom of referring to oneself by a nickname in conversations amongst friends. What better way to say hello to Thai people than to introduce the company with a fun nickname of its own?

‘Hi I’m Pru’ kicked off with an unbranded phase, sparking curiosity by leveraging prominent outdoor media consisting of digital billboards, Tuk Tuk’s as well as “sticker bombs” at high traffic areas such as mall entrances and traffic intersections. The messages are cleverly customised according to their locations, creating conversations around this new character in town - PRU.

The ads prompt audiences to search for ‘PRU’ online or visit to discover who their new friend is – an insurance company with a purpose to help people get the most out of life. Prudential Thailand also invites the public to engage with the company through Pulse by Prudential, its free health and wellness app, as well as to follow ‘PRU’ on its Instagram, official LINE and Facebook channels. A branded phase follows to continue reinforcing these fun, contextual messages.

"We wanted to introduce a fresh new voice for Prudential Thailand and change the status quo of how an insurance company brands itself. It is important for us to further strengthen our brand awareness and expand our reach to the millennials and Gen Z's," said Siva Shanker Jayaraj, Chief Brand Officer of Prudential Thailand.

"We also wanted to further promote Pulse by Prudential, our health and wellness super app, which aims to help Thai people live well for longer! Prudential has been helping people protect their health and grow their wealth over the past 25 years Thailand, and we look forward to being a lifelong best friend of all Thai people, especially during their most challenging times."

Inspired by a very real, time-honoured custom, the campaign was developed in partnership with VaynerMedia, whose Volume Model was applied to both online and offline components to create a truly integrated, highly contextual campaign that was launched in record time.

With ‘Hi, I’m Pru’ set to spark many more conversations between Prudential and its new friends in Thailand, the brand looks forward to taking on more projects that will bring it even closer to the Thai people. Follow @prudentialthailand on Facebook for more updates or visit to get to know Pru.