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Cohabiting Relationship
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Cohabiting Relationship, alternatives families that can be covered


Some people's life goal may be success in the career path, falling in love with someone, getting married and living happily ever after. But does every relationship always end up with marriage?

In the present day, there are many families who choose to live together in the “Cohabiting” way, which means they live together without marriage. This type of relationship can apply to both different-sex and same-sex couple.

This kind of relationship is an alternative way to get to know each other, for the couple that doesn’t want to plan any of their marriage. So, what is the difference between cohabiting and marriage?

#BabyPlanning - Cohabiting families tend to have an unintended birth rate higher than married families. Wendy Manning, a family demographer, used to mention that cohabiting couples have more chances to have insufficient funds, which means they will have less ability to raise kids when compared to married families1.

#MostlyGenerationY - According to the research of ‘Brookings’ website, most cohabiting families are generation Y. At that point, it explains how this generation has an opinion toward marriage. They see marriage as an unnecessary thing to do in order to live together as a family.

#IncomeStatistic - According to ‘the economic factor and relationship’ report, it reveals that “Finance” is one of the big factors in the relationship. Cohabiting families have a chance to earn less than married families when the ages and degree are compared. So, when an accident, illness or health problem arises, cohabiting families’ finances may be slightly more complicated than married families.

At this point, many may see cohabiting relationships as a less sustainable alternative than marriage, whether it is financial planning, health care expenses, and many other factors. But with a good plan, this form of relationship may create happiness in life that is no different from other types of relationship, and also fits for people in this modern day as well.

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