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The advantages of breast milk
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The advantages of breast milk as a first gift for your baby


Because of today's hectic lifestyle, many mothers may choose to use powdered baby formula rather than breastfeed their babies. The time it takes to pump breast milk is also excessive. However, the milk your baby consumes at this age is crucial for development and growth. Breastfeeding not only helps babies sleep easily, but it also helps them deal with their fussy moods. Furthermore, new mother's milk is advantageous to the mothers themselves as well.


Breastfeeding is considered the first drop of medication for a newborn baby.[1]

Breastmilk helps babies produce a strong immunity and reduces the risk of infection, which causes illnesses such as ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, and so on because it contains more nutrients than formula and helps to establish natural immunity that formula cannot supply.


Breastmilk not only helps prevent infections, but it also strengthens the baby's neurological system and IQ. It includes fatty acids and nutrients that research has shown to assist breastfed babies have better IQs. The typical test IQ score is as high as 3 points, especially if breastfeeding for a longer period of time.


Breastfeeding also strengthens the bonding between mothers and their babies. Holding your babies as they breastfeed provides them with a sense of comfort and warmth, which is a psychological process that makes babies feel bonded and has a direct impact on brain development as they grow older.


Breastfeeding mothers may save a lot of money on formula if they breastfeed their babies at the recommended intervals, which are from birth to two years old, while their immune systems are still vulnerable. Mothers do not have to worry about their babies becoming sick if they are safeguarded from breastfeeding during their early childhood. They also save money on treatment and lower the danger of certain illnesses. Breastfeeding saves more than 800,000 children each year, relieving new parents of the tremendous stress and worry. This represents immediate and indirect savings for the entire family.


Breastmilk benefits the mother as well as the baby since it is thought to protect against illnesses that affect women, such as breast and ovarian cancer. Women who breastfeed have a lower risk of osteoporosis than women who do not.


We believe that what every mother wants for her child(ren) is the healthiest choice. As a result, breastmilk is the ideal first present for them.


Mothers can better care for their babies if they understand their development. But don't forget to look after yourself. You can prepare to take care of yourself and your family whether you are a biological mother or an adoptive mother. More information is available here.




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