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Prudential Thailand offers free PRUDengue
Only for Prudential customers via Pulse by Prudential application 

Register from Now - 31 December 2021 or until all the privileges are fully claimed

Free PRUDengue only for Prudential customers via Pulse by Prudential application

Register now - 31 December 2021.

Prudential at the forefront of well-being for Thai people

As a leading insurance company, Prudential Thailand acknowledges the hardships and concerns Thai people have faced from the on-going challenging times and the need for additional and rapid support.

To extend our gratitude to Thai people who face this challenge together, as part of its 'We DO Well Together' campaign, a new pillar, 'We DO More For Customers' was launched. Prudential not only helps the Thai people in the fight against COVID-19, but also protects our customers against other diseases, especially a seasonal disease like dengue fever. The latest addition, PRUDengue, provides Thai people the proper care with comprehensive dengue fever protection that includes:

  • 20,000 Baht lump sum coverage upon diagnosis

  • 50,000 Baht in the event of death from all causes

  • 50,000 baht if death is caused by dengue


Eligibility & Conditions:

  • Aged between 7 to 60 years of age

  • Have at least one in force policy on the registration date

  • Limited to 1 privilege per customer , register for free via Pulse by Prudential application.


  • Campaign period now – 31 December 2021

  • Limited to the maximum of 30,000 privileges throughout the campaign period


For more additional information on PRUDengue, please contact the Prudential Thailand Customer Service Center 1621 or email


1 A claim for death owing to suicide within 12 months of the date of inception of the policy shall not be admitted.

2 A claim for death owing to homicide by the beneficiary shall not be admitted.

3 The policy has 14-day waiting period.

Terms and Condition for Campaign

1. "We DO More For Customers" (“Campaign”) is the campaign to offer “PRUDengue” (No premium to be charged) coverage, underwritten by Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“Company”), to eligible customers.

2. “PRUDengue” (No premium to be charged) coverage

Coverage period: 1 year, Plan 1, Premium: 249 Baht

Details of coverage and benefits:

  • Death from all causes 50,000 Baht
  • Additional coverage for death from dengue 50,000 Baht
  • Lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of dengue 20,000 Baht


3. Eligible customers must have all the following qualifications:

  • Being the Company’s existing customers, who have individual policy from Agency Channel, Bancassurance Channel or Telemarketing at least 1 in-force policy with the Company as on the registration date.
  • Must be aged between 20-60 years old as on the registration/ application date.
  • Must download and register on Pulse application.

*1 customer per 1 privilege per 1 user account on Pulse application.


4. How to get the privilege.

  • Check the eligibility to receive Voucher for PRUDengue (No premium to be charged) coverage through Pulse Application.


5. Transaction Process

  • Fill in information to apply for PRUDengue (No premium to be charged) coverage.
  • Customers choose the applicable voucher on Pulse application. The system will automatically skip the premium payment process.
  • Click “Confirm” to get FREE PRUDengue (No premium to be charged) coverage.
  • Can view how to get privilege. Click


6. Terms and conditions

  • Campaign period: Now - 31 December 2021 or until all the privileges are fully claimed.
  • Limited to the maximum of 30,000 privileges throughout the campaign period for all channel (Agency, Bancassurance and Telemarketing), on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The privilege under this campaign cannot be exchanged, transferred or converted into cash, and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional campaigns on Pulse application.


7. The Company will confirm all the eligible customers who get PRUDengue (No premium to be charged) coverage via registered e-mail given on Pulse application within 1 working day from the registration/ application date.

8. Exclusions

  • Intentionally commit suicide within 1 year from the effective date.
  • Being intentionally murdered by the beneficiary.
  • The Company shall not pay the benefits for dengue during the 14-day waiting period from the effective date.


9. Underwriting rules and conditions of coverage are as specified by the Company.

10. Please carefully study the detailed information regarding coverage, terms and conditions before making a decision to apply for life insurance, and once receiving the policy documentation, please ensure that you understand all the provisions of the policy for your maximum benefits.

11. For more additional information, please contact Customer Service Center, Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited, E-mail:

12. The Company reserves the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the Company’s decision is taken as final.