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Mission 2

We DO MISSION 2 SUPER chance to win exclusive prize!

Give yourself a little steps while stay home to conquer this mission together!

Did you know? Walking brings wellness!
Therefore, we created We Do Mission 2 ‘Move your legs’ a hype activity on Prudential Thailand Twitter that came with very simple rules...

1. Follow Prudential Thailand Twitter
2. Retweet activity tweet click here!
3. Reply the tweet with photo or video of your favorite member in SuperM and answer the question ‘If pandemic ends, I will walk towards...’ and give us an impressive reason.

Complete these easy steps to get chance to win We Do Postcard Photo total 100 pcs limited from 24 – 27 April 2021 only, don’t miss!

Cross-town billboards with lovely messages from SuperM

No matter how much SuperM want to see their fans and all the health-lovers go out and take picture with their billboards, during this kind of situation, we want everyone to stay home and take care of your health as well as walk some steps to conquer this mission together!