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Prudential Thailand joins hands with True Digital to provide telemedicine services to customers.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed people's hygiene practices. Since the outbreak, telemedicine has played a larger role in people's health care. The majority of people are more aware and cautious about personal and public health care and hygiene. In accordance with this understanding, Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited (Prudential Thailand), one of Thailand's leading life insurance companies, has collaborated with True Digital Group Co., Ltd. (True Digital) to provide telemedicine services ("Telemedicine") through the Mordee application (Mordee), so that all customers can access healthcare services that are very easy and convenient, without wasting time travelling to hospitals and waiting in long lines, thus reducing the risks of having close contact with others and the chances of infection exposure.

    According to Susan Fanning, Chief Health and Wellbeing Officer of Prudential Thailand, "Prudential Thailand is committed to holistic health and well-being for all Thais. Therefore, we have partnered with True Digital to provide telemedicine services through the Mordee application (Mordee) for Prudential customers having a group health insurance policy or an individual health insurance policy that comes with outpatient coverage (OPD) with no need to make an advance payment (cashless claim), which we believe will allow Thai people to access medical services more conveniently and quickly.".

    Dr. Adipat Chaichanasakul, Managing Director of Digital Health Business, True Digital Group Co., Ltd., said “True Digital developed the Mordee application (Mordee) to allow Thai people to access medical services more conveniently and quickly as a response to the health care needs in the digital age. Customers can make an appointment to consult with doctors online in real time, anywhere, at the time they want. With more than 500 medical and health professionals, including specialized doctors from leading institutions covering 20 departments, both physical and mental health, customers can choose to call, chat, and make video call (VDO Call), as well as receive a home delivery service for prescribed medicines and advice from pharmacist on the medical instruction by a seamless link between online to offline services (O2O).”

    “Now, we have more than 200,00 Mordee application users. The collaboration with Prudential Thailand will help give customers the accommodation of seeing a doctor online (Telemedicine). In addition, Mordee promotes and expands the service of seeing a doctor online (Telemedicine) to be more in line with True Digital's commitment to bring digital technology to support Thai people's health care by providing comprehensive access to medical and public health services and improving the quality of life for the better.” Dr. Adipat Chaichanasakul added.

    Apart from promoting good health for Thai people, Prudential Thailand seeks to create a Healthcare Ecosystem or public health support system in correspondence to the development of public health services. This will help people who receive medical care to get the most out of it by bringing together doctors, medical professionals, and different public health services like vaccination and advice on health check-ups to be available on various platforms that can be accessed at anytime and anywhere. The long-term business plan will lead to a wellness room model for group health insurance customers in the form of a clinic that provides online doctor consultation so that customers can see doctors and receive medicines that cover more various group of diseases.

    Customers are able to access Telemedicine services provided by Mordee application through a variety of Prudential channels, such as LINE OA @PrudentialThailand or the Pulse application. Through such channels, when customers select the service “Consult online doctor”, the system will direct customers to the Mordee application. Then, customers may receive the doctor consultation service via video call from more than 20 medical specialties, both in general and specific diseases, along with a medication and medical supplies delivery service in the service area.

    Moreover, Prudential Thailand provides special promotions for Prudential customers who register for telemedicine service for the first time and link their insurance coverage with the app to receive special privileges of free Grab e-voucher with value equivalent to 50 baht and free delivery of medicines from today until March 31, 2023.