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Prudential Thailand hosts The Night of
“MDRT Appreciation 2023”
congratulating 26 representatives who have excellent results from 2022

Prudential Thailand hosted "MDRT Appreciation 2023" to congratulate the 26 representatives who had excellent production results from last year and have been qualified for the prestigious MDRT membership effective in 2023.


MDRT, or Million Dollar Round Table, is an association that is internationally recognized for its standards of excellence in life insurance and financial services. It consists of members from more than 500 world-class insurance companies and financial institutions in 70 countries.


MDRT qualifications are very important for life insurance agents as they represent international professionalism, which is integral to delivering life insurance solutions to customers and providing them with products that are suitable for their lifestyles at all life stages. This also includes being a consultant that covers all needs of customers, which is in line with Prudential's purpose: "To help Thai people get the most out of life.".