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Prudential Thailand held
'Agency Annual Awards 2019 – 2021'

Prudential Thailand held the remarkable event 'Agency Annual Awards 2019 – 2021' at W Bangkok Hotel on 20th August 2022 to celebrate outstanding performance in various fields of our Prudential top achievers. Prestigious awards are such as TOP FYP (First Year Premium) OF THE YEAR, TOP CASE OF THE YEAR, TOP RECRUITER OF THE YEAR and many more. The event was presided over by Mr. Robin Spencer, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Thailand, and all joined together with the Executives.


The event grandly represented the ‘PROUD of PRIDE’ theme by emphasizing principles that all of our professional agents abide by to serve our customers, which consisted the pillars of Purposeful, Resilient, Optimistic, Understanding and Devoted. We still keep going to help Thai people get the most out of life.