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Prudential Thailand recognises diverse types of families and strives to provide inclusive insurance solutions

Prudential also launches brand campaign ‘Made for Every Family’ to showcase that every family is unique and special

BANGKOK, Thailand, 15 June 2022 Prudential Thailand realizes that the world has changed about what constitutes a family with greater diversity and inclusivity than ever. Consequently, the company strives to provide solutions that are accessible, inclusive, and affordable to ensure that all diverse types of families have access to insurance protection for their health and financial needs. Prudential Thailand designs various kinds of insurance products, from Health, Savings, Investment, Life protection, and more, to serve the unique needs of all family types, from traditional nuclear families, those in the LGBTQIA+ community, single-parent homes, extended families with adoptive children, and more. To address the company’s commitment, Prudential Thailand launches its brand campaign ‘Made For Every Family’ to represent all kinds of families and emphasize that every family is unique and special.

Mr. Robin Spencer, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited (Prudential Thailand), said, “We are proud to represent everyone and every type of modern families. Over the past few decades, family structures have undergone dramatic changes reflective of the changes in Thai society. Traditionally, the insurance sector has been focused on traditional nuclear families, with only spouses and children considered financial dependents by the industry.

However, in today's modern family, the notion of financial dependency extends beyond the traditional parental and spousal relationships. We recognize an evolutionary moment in Thailand about ‘Un-Stereotype Family’ and we strive to support all family diversifications to get the most out of every aspect of life– regardless of lifestyle, life stage, or gender. We want to provide them with accessible, affordable, and inclusive insurance solutions to drive true happiness and security for every family.”

Asia's health and protection gap remain massive and is estimated at 61 trillion baht (US$1.8 trillion) – Thailand's health and protection gap alone is estimated at 200 billion baht (US$6 billion). Prudential estimates that over 80% of the population in Asia has no insurance cover based on the number of in-force policies compared to its total population. Prudential Thailand realizes this protection gap and aims to make insurance more accessible and inclusive for all families.

Prudential Thailand design a variety of insurance products with comprehensive coverage to serve the unique needs of diverse family types of modern 21st century lifestyles. For example, Prudential Thailand allows LGBTQIA+ policyholders to designate non-relatives as their beneficiaries if the policyholders can identify and provide ‘Life Partner’ document. They can name their partners as beneficiaries for life and other insurance plans or add their adopted children, whom can legally inherit as beneficiaries, like biological children. Prudential will pay the proceeds of a policy to whomever the parent designates as a beneficiary.

In addition, Prudential always realizes that women have continuously been the key driving force in the Thai society and all over the world, both socially and economically. As a consequence, Prudential Thailand provides products and services that are designed to support and help Thai women through all stages of life, including those for women who plan to manage their financial security as well through: PRUClick Saving 8/20 and PRUSuk Samran. Moreover, Prudential Thailand also provides a wide range of health insurance solutions for every life stage such as PruRokrai Superkoom, ‘ttb Easy Care Plus’, PruHealth Rich Protection, etc.

Prudential Thailand’s ‘Made For Every Family’ brand campaign is the first step to celebrate and embrace the values of family diversifications. Let’s join to celebrate the diverse types of families with Prudential Thailand at the ‘Made For Every Family’ event, with various activities, at Central Westgate during 15th -21st June 2022. For more information about the brand campaign please refer to