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Being a single parent is not alone, but it is determinant.


Are you tired, or are you swamped with being a single parent? 

In reality, being a single parent is fairly common nowadays. If someone is aware that a friend or acquaintance is a single parent. We usually tend to encourage them. We do not believe that being a single parent will result in inadequacy or an issue in any manner. However, we feel tiredness in single-parent families because raising kids in general is exhausting. The more duties single parents must complete at once, the more visible the tiredness becomes. And the more you are parenting a child on your own, the more exhausting it becomes. 

For us, we tend to look at single-parent families with admiration. We feel that single-parent families are particularly strong. From single mothers or fathers’ perspectives, they may feel that they have to be tough to manage everything. Taking care of children alone often comes with tight schedules that can't go wrong. Single mothers and fathers can be stressful too. But single-parent families are special in themselves in terms of being steadfast in their decision-making and having deep familial relationships. The strength of a single parent will be handed down to their children with pride. 

Single parenting does not have to be lonely, but it must be determined. 

In general, society may consider single-parent families to be at a disadvantage because half of the income is lost as they have to rely on only one person to care for the family. However, single parenting has its own set of unique characteristics and benefits. In raising children 'alone' means unity. Single parenting enables parents to make definite decisions, direct the family toward common objectives, and avoid the problem of quarrels. 

One of the concrete studies on the peculiarities of single parenting, a 2021 Israeli study1, discovered that being a single mother may be challenging and stressful. However, single-parenting families have their own advantages; for example, single mothers are self-sufficient and can make decisions with accuracy and reliability. The success of a single mother is on maintaining a peaceful and stable atmosphere in the family, as well as eliminating difficulties from personal relationships. In other words, spouses can occasionally cause disagreements in 

decision-making and confuse the family's direction. As a result, single mothers have an edge in this regard. 

In addition to the matter of decisiveness, the strength of taking care of their own families, and the children's opportunity to see the proper switch between work and family roles, these characteristics of a single parent are often passed on to their children as a model of responsibility, independence, love, and self-care. As a result, a lack of individuals may result in the continued development of quality members. 

It is a support for every need. Swamped but not stressful 

At this moment, single parents may proudly smile and say, "This is the strength of being a single parent." Everything is in their hands, and they can easily care for their family. However, when it comes to caring for their own children, a big issue for single parents is 'time,' because single parents recognize that children always require parents when they fall, argue with their friends, or perform at school events. A single parent is also the one who drives the child to school on the first day. 

You're the one who shows up whenever there's a problem, the one who can embrace and hold hands and handle everything for your child at all times. But don't forget that you, too, are a normal person who may become exhausted, discouraged, upset, and weep. You don't have to be the person who can handle everything completely. It is generally known that life, no matter how carefully planned, never goes as planned. Being the pillar that takes care of everything, you need to relax one day because you need to take care of yourself due to a force majeure. 

When your schedule is already jam-packed, it's a good idea to have a backup plan in case of an emergency. We know that every parent goes all out for their children when they’re ill. However, the best preparation for health care is self-care. Getting the best and fastest health care is important for the entire family, especially the family's pillars, who need the best treatment to get back on track as soon as possible. Life and health insurance policies, such as ttb Easy Care Plus and UOB Healthcare Plus, provide peace of mind in the event of a life or health accident. It covers both inpatients in a package that is actually paid with limited of room rates*, and outpatients with unlimited number of treatments. Most significantly, it offers a lump sum payment when diagnosed with cancer at every stage**. Start stability as well as the safety of living together from now on. You can contact ttb and UOB bank branches near your home. 

Furthermore, 'income' is an important issue because a single parent must be the primary financial provider for the family. An income support package, such as The 1 Hospital Care, gives extra peace of mind by guaranteeing families continue to receive compensation even during hospitalization by paying for hospital income up to 2,000 baht per day*. 

Finally, being a single parent does not imply that you must do everything on your own. Having a good assistant or product that helps relieve anxieties and takes care of your family's health, both in regular times and in emergencies, is another power to help a small family grow gradually. And Prudential Life Insurance would like to be another force that supports and cares for every family in order for them to have a secure and healthy life. 

Note: You should read the policy details as well as the terms and conditions before making a purchase every time. 

* Depending on the insurance plan you select. 

** Terms and conditions of the policy are as specified by the company. 

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