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4 Secrets to Waking Up Early Easily
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4 Secrets to Waking Up Early Easily (Even If You Stay Up Late)


The term “rise and shine” is definitely a lot easier said than done. If you are currently finding yourself struggling to wake up early in the morning, then you have come to the right place. In our fast-paced lives, waking up early in the morning is something that quite a few people struggle with every day.

In the age where our way of life has changed dramatically, a lot of working people are not only keeping busy during the day, but they are also going to evening events, seeing old friends, or just simply going back home to finish housework until late. All these activities have made it harder for everyone to get enough rest and it is no surprise why it is so difficult to get up early the next day.

 But do not give up, there are many ways to help you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. So, if you are ready, let us have a look.


Focus on the positives of getting up early

While getting up early in the morning may seem difficult, it is incredibly more beneficial than sleeping and it can change your life for the better in ways you may not expect. Let us look at the advantages you will feel throughout the day when waking up early.



  • There is more time to do daily activities, such as nourishing the skin, putting on makeup and cleaning up

  • Also, more time to exercise to stimulate your body to be refreshed before going to work

  • You can have the most important meal of the day without having to rush



  • Your brain is clearer, allowing you to concentrate and work more efficiently

  • You can make the most of your working time during the day as you will be able to handle work better



  • You will be able to go to sleep faster, which will give you a better quality of sleep

  • Finally, getting up earlier reduces the risk of insomnia


These are just a few examples of the benefits of waking up early in the morning for just one day. Other than getting more time in your day to enjoy, you have a better potential of transforming your life for the better.


It is not too late to start getting up early

Many people do want to start getting up early, but a lot of people do not know how to start – especially those night owls who are used to sleeping extremely late every night. Today we have gathered 4 simple tips to help you wake up early and start a new chapter in your lifestyle.


1. Shut down your devices before bedtime

Although this first tip seems so simple, it is one of the best ways to get to sleep earlier. In our bodies, we have a hormone called melatonin that helps us to feel sleepy, this type of hormone works the best at night when it is dark.

But, since many night owls have a habit of staring at their screens before bed, the light from the screen interferes with the body’s melatonin production. As a result, it makes it difficult for you to sleep, and thus you are not able to wake up as easily as you are not getting the best quality of sleep.

So, just turning off your devices 30 minutes before going to bed – whether that is your phone, computer, or TV in your room – will help you fall asleep more quickly. If you want to get out of bed immediately in the morning feeling refreshed and ready, this is the first step.


2. Choose the best alarm sound for you

Many people think that an intense sounding alarm clock is the best wake-up call. When in fact, the best sounds to wake up to may be nature sounds, such as waterfalls or birds singing. Switching to a more peaceful alarm sound may help make your morning mood brighter and cheerful.

Waking up to nature sounds could be more comfortable and enjoyable than waking up to a blaring horn. It may also make you feel brighter and more rejuvenated and ready to start your day.

These nature sounds can be a little too comforting. Some people find that they cannot get out of bed because their alarm clock sounds too calm, and they just end up falling right back asleep. In that case, we advise you to use the voice of someone who is especially important to you, such as a mother’s voice.

Studies have shown that a mother’s voice is more effective at waking someone up than a normal alarm clock. If you use this method, you will be sure to get up in no time.

And if that does not work then we would advise that you use a hardcore alarm clock. There are special alarm clocks on the market now that do not require a simple press to mute or stop the sound. Instead, you are required to actively engage with the alarm clock to turn it off – whether that is shaking it or playing a puzzle game until you pass a level to turn off the noise. In Japan, they even have an alarm clock that will only turn off after you insert a coin into it.

So, for those who really struggle to get up early in the morning, this may just be what you need.


3. Use natural light to wake you up

Did you know that the soft morning glow of the sun stimulates your body to stay awake and produces mood-enhancing chemicals in the body such as serotonin, as well as mood-enhancing neurotransmitters like endorphins?

This is one of the easiest tricks to waking up early. If your bed is close to the window, simply keep the curtains slightly open before going to bed so that the morning light can shine into the room in the morning. The bright light from the sun should be able to wake you up without having to rely on an alarm clock in some cases.

If it is too inconvenient to keep the curtains open, you could try to find a lamp or a light with a timer that will turn on when you want to wake up. This will mimic the sunlight and help you get started with your day.


4. Find your motivation

The last tip is finding the motivation and the passion that makes you want to wake up. Just having the right inspiration can easily help someone wake up no matter how tough it is. If you have a goal in front of you and you believe that you can and want to achieve that goal, it is the best weapon to fight sleeping late.

You could make a list of the things you would like to get done the next day right before you go to sleep, such as going out and having a nice breakfast, or enjoying a quick run. Or just finding an activity to look forward to like hanging out with friends or going to a concert. If you have something to look forward to, you will be able to wake up more easily for sure.


Find a trick you can use everyday

Everyone is different when it comes to how easily they find it to wake up in the morning. The most important thing is finding the best trick for your unique self. Try out all the techniques mentioned above and figure out the perfect formula for you and we guarantee that getting up in the morning will no longer be a problem.