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Rider Insurance

PRUSuper Health Guard

Safeguards your health with a customisable plan that tailors to your needs and goals so you are protected from the incredible costs of hospitalisation.

Product details

Coverage and Payment Terms


Payment Term

Up to Age 99 (throughout the coverage period of Main Policy)

Coverage Term

Up to Age 99 (subject to Main Policy)

Eligible Age

1 – 75 years

Minimum Sum Assured

385,700 Baht

Maximum Sum Assured

1,664,500 Baht




Maturity Benefit


Death Benefit


Tax Benefit

Tax benefit for health insurance premium is up to Bt. 25,000 per year. However, together with life insurance premiums, the total tax benefit must not exceed Bt. 100,000 in each tax year (subjected to the terms of the Revenue Department).

Table of Benefits




  • This is a life insurance product, not a savings deposit. For the maximum benefit from the policy, the applicant should continuously pay the premium through to the end of the premium payment period and holds the policy until the end of the policy contract. If the policy is terminated before the end of the contract, the applicant may not receive cash benefit in the amount equivalent to the maximum policy benefit he/she is entitled to, or in the amount equivalent to all the premium paid.

  • Premium payment is the responsibility of the assured. Premium payment through life insurance agents is only a service.

  • The company will adjust the premium according to age and career of the assured and/or the experience of claims amount of this rider according to the rate approved by the registrar by notifying the assured in advance for not less than 30 days in writing.

  • The applicant should understand the coverages and conditions before making a decision to purchase an insurance policy.

  • PRUhealth super strong is the marketing name of Health as-charged Rider (One-year coverage)


The company shall not cover for the following conditions;


  1. Illnesses that occur during the waiting period for PRUhealth super strong;

1.1        The Company shall not cover any illness that occurs within 30 days from the inception date or the last reinstatement date of this Rider, whichever is the last occurrence, or

1.2        The Company shall not cover specific diseases that occur within 120 days from the inception date or the last reinstatement date of this Rider, whichever is the last occurrence (1. Tumors, cysts or cancer of all types 2. Hemorrhoids 3. Hernias of all types 4. Pterygium or Cataracts 5. Tonsillectomy or Adenoidectomy 6. Calculi of all types 7. Varicose Veins 8. Endometriosis)


2.Partial exclusions of PRUhealth super strong;

2.1        Chronic diseases, illnesses (or its complications), or injuries that were not cured before the inception date or the reinstatement date of this Rider, congenital abnormalities, growth development abnormalities, and genetic disorders

2.2        Any cosmetic surgery or beautification treatment, sterilization, sterile remedies, treatment to correct congenital abnormalities.

2.3        Services about infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, abortion or miscarriage

2.4        AIDS-related or sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

2.5        General Health examinations


The above exclusions are only partial, please see the additional exclusions in the policy.

Important note

This product is a rider which acts as an add on to your basic plan so you can customise your basic insurance plan to tailor to your needs and goals. Therefore, you would need to have purchased a basic plan before purchasing a rider.

What is a rider?

A rider is a product which adds benefits to your basic insurance plan. Attaching a rider to your basic plan provides you with options such as additional coverage so you can customize the plan to suit your own needs.