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Investment Made Easy - Premium Investment Insurance Funds

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Unit Linked insurance plan that provides you with life protection and mutual funds investment for which you can customise anytime.

Product details

Coverage and Payment Terms

Payment Term

Until age 99 years old

Coverage Term

Until age 99 years old
as long as account value is sufficient for fee and charges

Eligible Age

1 Month - 70 Years Old

Tax Benefit

Premium only Life Protection (excluding Investment) is eligible for tax deductible benefit up to 100,000 Baht/year.  (This shall be in accordance with the Revenue Department regulations).



Minimum Premium

Maximum Premium

1. Regular Protection Premium

12,000 Baht / year


2. Regular Saving Premium


12,000 Baht / year

Not over than 5 times of Regular Protection Premium

3. Top Up Premium

5,000 Baht / time

As per regulations prescribed by the Company.


Maturity Benefit

If the insured is still alive at maturity and the policy is still in-force,
the Company will pay the redemption value of underlying funds to the insured (as at the first valuation date following maturity).

Death Benefit

The Company shall pay the following benefits to the beneficiaries:

  • Sum Assured for Regular Protection Premium

  • Sum Assured for Regular Savings Premium (if any)

  • Redemption Value of Underlying Funds*

*The Insured will get the redemption proceeds within 5 working days from the date the Company processes the redemption.

Eligible Riders

You can add riders to your basic plan so you can customise your plan to tailor to your needs and goals.

Find out which riders you could add to your basic plans.