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Unit Linked Insurance

PRUSuper Link

Unit Linked insurance plan that provides you with an adjustable life coverage to suit every life stage and an opportunity to get investment returns.


Coverage and Payment Terms

Payment Term

Until age 99 years old

Coverage Term

Until age 99 years old

(In case the value of policy is sufficient to cover policy fee)

Eligible Age

1 Month - 70 Years Old

Tax Benefit

Premium only Life Protection (excluding Investment) is eligible for tax deductible benefit up to 100,000 Baht/year. (This shall be in accordance with the Revenue Department regulations).



Minimum Premium

Maximum Premium

1. Regular Protection Premium

12,000 Baht / year


2. Regular Saving Premium


12,000 Baht / year

Not over than 5 times of Regular Protection Premium

3. Top Up Premium

5,000 Baht / time

As per regulations prescribed by the Company.

Maturity Benefit

Received redemption value of underlying funds

Death Benefit

Received the following benefit

  • Sum Assured for regular protection premium

  • Sum Assured for regular savings premium (if any)

  • Redemption Value of underlying funds

Eligible Riders

  • Hospital Indemnity Rider (HI)

  • Multi-Stage Critical Illness Rider (CM)

  • Hospital and Surgical Rider (HS4)

  • HA Wealth Rider 2 (HAW2)


  • This is a unit linked insurance product, not a bank deposit. It has investment risks and does not guarantee the investment part. Applicants should study and understand product features, return conditions, and risks, together with fund prospectus before deciding to purchase and invest in the policy. However, investment return may affect the policy coverage period.

  • The insured is responsible for paying premium. An insurance agent or broker that accepts a premium payment by the insured is solely for the purpose of providing service to the insured.

  • The applicant should understand coverage details and conditions thoroughly before deciding to buy an insurance.

  • “PRUSuper Link” is the marketing name of a unit linked (regular premium) insurance plan, “PRU Unit Link 6”

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