PRUsmart 16/12

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* Receive cash at end of policy year
** Death claim payment: in percentage of the above sum assured, or the policy surrender value, whichever is the greater amount, shall be paid to the beneficiary.



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Maturity Benefit (% of SA)

02_PRUsmart 12_16_2nd

Cash Coupon (% of SA)

02_PRUsmart 12_16_3rd

Payment term / Coverage term


Tax Benefit

Product Details

Payment Term

12 years

Coverage Term

16 years

Issue Age

1 month-65 years

Minimum Sum Assured

50,000 Baht

Cash Coupon
  • Receive a 2% cash-back of the sum assured at end of policy years 3-15
Maturity Benefit
  • Receive 274% of the sum assured at the end of year 16
Death Benefit

Within policy years 1 – 4, the company shall pay 110% of sum assured or cash surrender value.

Within policy years 5 – 8, the company shall pay 210% of sum assured or cash surrender value.

Within policy years 9 – 16, the company shall pay 300% of sum assured or cash surrender value. 

Tax Benefit

Life insurance product is eligible for a tax deduction of up to 100,000 Baht per year (this shall be in accordance with the regulations of the Revenue Department). Minors with incomes are also eligible for the tax benefit.

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