PRUhappy retirement

Make your retirement a happy one

*  Receive cash at end of policy year
**   Death claim payment:  in percentage of the above sum assured, or the policy surrender value,  whichever is the greater amount, shall be paid to the beneficiary.



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Maturity Benefit (% of SA)


Tax Benefit

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Yearly Payout Benefit 15% of SA (Total 26 times)

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Payment Term / Coverage Term

Product Details

Payment Term

Till age 60

Coverage Term

Till age 85

Issue Age

30 – 55 years

Minimum Sum Assured

50,000 Baht

Maximum Sum Assured

No maximum limit

Cash Coupon

At end of policy year that the insured reaches  age 60 – 85 years, receive 15% of sum assured each year (in total, 26 times = 390% of sum assured).

Accumurated Sum Assured

Total cash pay-back throughout the policy term is 390% of sum assured.

Death Benefit
  • If the insured is not yet 60 years, the coverage shall be 200% of the sum assured or the policy surrender value, or the accumulated paid-up premiums, whichever is the greater amount, shall be paid to the beneficiary.
  • If the insured is aged between 60 – 74 years, the compensation shall be equal to the present value of the annuity that has not yet been paid out by the company, as guaranteed *** (the guaranteed period is 15 years)

***details as given in the policy.  

Tax Benefit

The policyholder is entitled to a tax privilege of up to 200,000 Baht/year, or up to 300,000 Baht/year (if the insured has no other life insurance policies), but shall not exceed 15% of assessable income in the assessment year when combined with other similar funds, i.e. provident fund, government pension fund, social welfare fund and RMF, which shall not exceed 500,000 Baht.

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