Endowment 3

Happy savings as you wish.

“I’ve always been thinking of saving money for a long time but I kept putting it off. I shall have to start looking more in the longer term and find a good ‘piggy bank’ to help give me that discipline.”

*  Receive cash at end of policy year



06_Endowment 3_1st

Payment Term / Coverage Term

06_Endowment 3_2nd

Maturity Benefit (% of SA)

06_Endowment 3_3rd

Death Benefit (% of SA)


Tax Benefit

Product Details

Payment Term

20 year

Coverage Term

20 year

Issue Age

Insured: 1 month - 60 years
Premium payor:  20 – 55 years

Minimum Sum Assured

100,000 Baht

Maximum Sum Assured

No maximum limit  

Maturity Benefit

At end of 20th policy year, receive 100% of sum assured.Total cash pay-back throughout the policy term is 100%

Death Benefit

The company shall pay 100% of the sum assured to the beneficiary.

Tax Benefit

The policy holder is entitled to a tax privilege of  up to 100, 000 Baht/year.  (This shall be in accordance with the Revenue Department regulations).  Minors with incomes are also entitled to this tax privilege

Riders that can be bought with this policy
Insured :  1 month – 16 years  :  ADD, ADB, HI, HS, PB (for HI, the insurable age is from 6-16 years).
Adults : 17 – 55 years  :  SCPA, ADD, ADB, RCC, HI, HS, CM, OI, DI, OD2
Adults:  56 – 60 years  :  SCPA, ADD, ADB, RCC, HI, HS, CM, OI, OD2

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