Payment through insurance agency office or company branch

You may make cash or cheque payment through nationwide insurance agency office. For the cheque, please pay to

Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited also, cross out “to bearer” and draw parallel lines. Moreover, please identify the policy no. and insured name at the back of the cheque.

Important Note: Please always ask for a temporary payment receipt from an agent.

Payment by Single Debit Credit Card Account (VISA/MASTERCARD of every bank, American Express card or JCB card)

  1. You may bring a credit card to make a payment by yourself at Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) PCL’s counter
    (Only for father, mother, children that have the same surname with insured or beneficiary)
  2. For the case that customer make a credit card payment through an agent, the agent will ask you to provide credit card information and will give you a temporary payment receipt.
  3. You may fill in the request form for automatic debit credit card account Download and attach a copy of credit card (put in front), then send to the company for further process.
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