How to Claim

1. Filing claim through hospital

  • Out-patient
    • Showing PRU Care Card at any hospital in Prudential’s hospital network, along with ID card or other identity cards issued by government agencies, to claim for medical benefits as stated in the Table of Benefits
  • In-patient
    • Right to receive an in-patient treatment at any hospital in Prudential’s hospital network without having to pay medical bills in advance (Fax Claims). The Insured has to present ID card or other identity cards issued by government agencies together with the Policyholders’ ID card to hospital staff before using the service.


2. Filing a claim directly to the Company

2.1 Request for a Claim Form

How to get a Claim Form

  • Download from web site
    • Death Claims Form Download
    • Accident Claims Form, H&S Claims Form Download
    • Total Permanent Disability Claims Form Download
  • Contact Prudential Thailand’s Customer Service Center, Tel. 1621
  • Contact the Company’s headquarters or branches
  • Make a query through TIPA, Tel. No. 0 2660 1210, 24 hours


2.2 Fill in Claim Form and submit supporting documents


 Type of documents

Health Claims

(Advance payment)

Accident Claim

Disability or critical illness claims

Death Claim 

Claim Form (according to type of claims)

✓  ✓ 
Physician’s statement ✓  ✓   
Original receipt (medical claim)    
Physician’s Statement, using company’s form     ✓ 
Copy of the Insured’s ID card ✓ 
Death Certificate (both original and copied)      
Insured’s household registration (marked “dead” and certified true copy by beneficiary)      
Copy of ID card and household registration of all beneficiaries, certified true copy      
Certification of being government officials or permanent officials issued by original affiliation (using company’s form)      
Group Insurance Certificate      
Police Daily Report, certified by police officers (for unnatural or accidental death)      
Post Mortem Examination Report (both sides) or coroner’s report, certified by responsible officers (for unnatural or accidental death)      


2.3 Submit Claim Form and supporting documents

How to submit claims documents

  • At Customer Service counter, @Sathorn Building, Floor 24
  • By registered mail to Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Claims Section, 9/9 @Sathorn Building, Floor 20-27, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120
  • Through Human Resource Department of Policyholder’s company (Group Insurance)


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