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According to Aberdeen Asset Management Company Limited (“The Company”) as the founder and manager of the Aberdeen Small Cap Fund would like to inform policyholders of unit linked product who have invested in the fund that due to recent large amounts of inflow into the Aberdeen Small Cap fund. The Company, after careful consideration, has come to the conclusion to temporarily suspend subscriptions/switch-in into the Aberdeen Small Cap with effect from 4th January 2018 onwards until further notice. The purpose is to look after the best interests of the Fund and its existing unit holders as a whole as well as to adhere to the existing investment management process and investment policies of the fund. Existing unit holders of the Fund are allowed to redeem/switch-out from the Fund as usual.  

Therefore, Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited would like to inform that we will stop to receive the ABSM's subscription and fund switching-in order for unit linked policy. From the above date until the announcement of the change from Aberdeen Asset Management Company.  If you need more information please click.

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