PRU Star 2016 - Q3

Khun Theerachaya Tinnakorn (District Manager – The Great Group, under EAD Khun Thanut Ekkaphobthanakul)

She has had passion for life insurance service since graduation, and now she is able to earn 100% of her income and owns car & house from this career.

Khun Ratchada Khadeewiang (Unit Manager, under AD Boonchuang Khadeewiang)

She decided to quit her permanent job and has become a professional life insurance agent, by following in her parent’s footsteps.

Khun Natthapat Akkharaamornchet (Unit Manager, under AD Thanyanan Akkharaamornchet)

He has a positive attitude towards life insurance career and is able to earn 7-digit income within a short period of time. He is proud that he can make his dream and his family’s come true.

Khun Thanapat Thammakanlayakul, (Unit Manager, under Khun Sirinan Puttan’s team)

A former bank’s executive, who want to manage his time independently, and within a period of 7 months, he could manage to earn 5-million-baht-plus income from Prudential Thailand.

PRU Star 2016 - Q2

Watch the inspiration of how to become successful in life insurance agency career path with PRUstar, the rising agents of Prudential Thailand.

Khun Pochpinya Yaemmuean, District Manager, under Khun Arunya BoonKhuntod’s team.

My first life insurance policy, given by my parents, was matured. I, therefore, began to study seriously about life insurance business, which I foresee the benefits and success that line ahead.

Khun Juraporn Raisuntia, Unit Manager, under Khun Tongluck Kanphai’s team

An eager beaver unit manager, being now in her 13th year with the Company, with strong commitment and determination to never give up on her goals.

Khun Thanutpol Fueangfu, Agent, under Khun Paweena Koontawee’s team

Inspried by a dream to own a car, a house and unsuccessful  work in the past, he decided to pursue his new opportunity as a life insurance agent, as he strongly believes that this career can fulfill his dreams and his beloved family's.

Khun Atitayaporn Yensuk, Agent, under Khun Tongluck Kanphai’s team

New agent who seeks the financial freedom and care-free lifestyle, as well as success in a short period of time. 

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