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An accident insurance for all in your family.

Purchase "PRUeasy PA“ a personal accident insurance online that will give you more peace of mind if an unexpected event occurs.

Provide coverage for life and medical expenses with various protection plans to take good care of you and your loved ones.
An affordable personal accident insurance for the elderly and all in the family.


Buy a personal accident insurance, "PRUEasy PA",
online so you can be confident even in unexpected events.

* Depends on the plan you have selected.
** PA Plan 1, standard annual premium.

Insurance details

Coverage period and Premium payment term

Issue age

5 – 65 years old

Premium payment term

1 year

Coverage period

1 year

Sum assured

Depends on the plan you have selected

Maturity benefit


Accidental death benefit

100% of sum assured

Tax benefits

A health insurance premium, up to a maximum of THB 25,000, is eligible for personal income tax deduction. However, the deduction for this premium together with the life insurance premiums paid cannot exceed THB 100,000 in total, according to the terms & conditions of the Revenue Department.

Coverage plans and benefits


This plan is for low risk-taking occupations, e.g., senior executive, accountant, banker, lawyer, prosecutor, teacher/professor, student, programmer, doctor, academician, editor, jewelry business owner, etc.


Occupation Class 1

Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

Plan 4

Plan 5

Accidental Death and Dismemberment or Total and Permanent Disability (ADD, TPD)






Murder and Assault (MA)






Medical Expense (ME) per time






Death by Motorcycle (MC)






Temporary Total Disability (TTD) per week
(maximum 52 weeks)






Examples of Exclusions

Examples of Exclusions: PRUEasy PA

The company will not cover the loss or any damage arising from or as a result of the following reasons:

  • Any injury caused by the action of the insured under the influence of alcohol, addictive substance or drugs to the extent where the insured is unable to maintain their consciousness.

  • Suicide, attempted suicide, or self-harm.

  • While the insured participates in a quarrel or takes part in provoking a quarrel.

  • While the insured is committing a crime of serious penalty or while the insured is being arrested or resisting arrest.

  • Concealment of facts or misrepresentation that will affect underwriting.


Note: The exclusions and details above are partially shown. Please study the policy for more details.


  • This is a life insurance product, not a bank deposit. To get the maximum benefits from insurance policy, the applicant should continuously pay the premium through to the end of the premium payment period and holds the policy until the end of the policy contract. If the policy is terminated before the end of the contract, the applicant may not receive cash benefit in the amount equivalent to the maximum policy benefit he/she is entitled to, or in the amount equivalent to all premiums paid.

  • The insured is responsible for paying premium. An insurance agent or broker that accepts a premium payment by the insured is solely for the purpose of providing service to the insured.

  • The applicant should understand coverage details and conditions thoroughly before deciding to buy an insurance. The applicant should study detailed information regarding benefit payment provisions, terms and conditions, exclusions and policy benefits in the policy.

  • The premium may change at the time of renewal according to registrar approval.

“PRUEasy PA” is a marketing name of personal accident insurance (annual premium payment).

“The applicant should understand coverage details and conditions thoroughly before deciding to buy an insurance”

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